Hidden Side Of GTA Online Shark Cards You Should Have To Know

Shark cards in GTA online are a way of getting additional in-game funds when you need it. Now since the release of Grand Theft Auto V game the inflation graph of the Los Santos city is on the rise and things have certainly become more costly than they were at the time of the release of the game.

GTA 5 definitely provide you with many ways to make money and quite a large sums too but ask any GTA online player and he will tell you how hard it is to earn money in GTA 5.

To make some substantial amount of GTA Money you can go on completing missions or to keep grinding the same mission again and again but there is no fun in it right.

You can try one more method, you can just shut your eyes on all those expensive cars and riches of the Los Santos and keep on playing the GTA online game, but soon you will find yourself in the position where you are lagging way behind other players, that’s not good right, no one wants to stay behind.

One can say that GTA 5 money heists are a great way of earning huge amount of GTA Money, and well they are no doubt, but even going for the heist require money and how much you will actually going to make out of it depends on how well you have completed the heist.

You will require an excellent regular crew, playing with random players for the heist will be a dull task due to lack of understanding.

What to do then?

Here come the shark cards to the rescue. Rockstar has addressed this problem with a simple and fair and easy solution.

The Shark Cards!

These cards are going to fill your account with instant GTA 5 money and give you the freedom of spending on your favorite GTA 5 items without grinding the same mission again and again.

Read on know more about the shark cards


Shark Cards - GTA Online Money


GTA Online Shark Cards – Everything you need to know

Shark cards are the in-game microtransactions, which mean you can buy the in-game GTA Money, by spending some of your actual money.

This cash comes in the form of Shark Cards. You buy a GTA online shark card and the corresponding value of GTA 5 money will be deposited in your character’s bank account.

Buying a shark card is not mandatory; neither has it given an unfair advantage to the player over other GTA online players who don’t buy it.

You can definitely earn the same cash by just completing the game and not spending a single dime on shark cards. It’s just what you value more. You can play the game for hours to earn the money or you can spend some buck to get that same monetary boost. Totally depends on you.


Types of Shark Cards in Grand Theft Auto  V Online

There are in total six shark cards, each providing the different amount in GTA 5 money and each is named after the actual species of sharks.

The logic here is that the more a shark card cost in actual money, the more you will get in the form of GTA Money.

  1. Red Shark Card – $100,000
  2. Tiger Shark Card – $200,000
  3. Bull Shark Card – $ 500,000
  4. Great White Shark Card- $ 1,250,000
  5. Whale Shark Card – $3,500,000
  6. Megalodon Shark Card – $8,000,000



The Red Shark Card

Red Shark Card - GTA OnlineThe first in the list is the Red Shark Card which will get a pretty insignificant amount of GTA Online $100,000.

You can see for yourself that this card is not the worth. You can use it in a combination of other cards to increase some amount but the rise will not be too much.

With a Red Shark Card, you won’t be able to buy much, as we have already mentioned the Los Santos city is facing some serious inflation problem and the things are pretty expensive there.

With some of your own fund and a Red Shark, you would be able to buy some low-grade weapons and some sports cars and nothing else.

The good news is that this is not going to cost you much in actual money. So if you have just started to play the GTA online and want to try a shark card you can buy the Red Shark Card.

Features of the Red Shark Card

  • GTA amount it provides: $100,000 GTA Online Money
  • Price in different currencies: £1.99 / $2.99 / €2.49
  • What you save: £ 0 / $ 0/ € 0


The Tiger Shark Card

Tiger Shark Card - GTA OnlineThe Tiger Shark Card is a little better deal than Red Shark Card as it doubles the GTA Online Money to 200,000 in less than double the price of Red Shark Card.

The amount it provides is still insignificant though, and it is not much you will be able to buy. It only provides the better deal in terms, that is will cost less than buying the two red shark card.

You can combine it with your available fund though, that could raise your GTA Online Money to the amount that you will be able to buy a decent sports car or some high-end weaponry.

Features of the Tiger Shark Card

  • GTA amount it provides:  $200,000 GTA Online Money
  • Price in different currencies: £3.29 / $4.99 / €3.99
  • What you save: £0.59 / $0.99 / €1.50


The Bull Shark Card

Bull Shark Card - GTA OnlineFrom the Bull Shark Card, there is a leap in the amount of in-game cash you will get in return of buying a shark card in GTA online. The Bull Shark Card will give you half a million in GTA Online Money.

Now, this amount of money is something not to sniff at, as you are now in the position of buying a pretty decent sports car.

Nothing from the top end though and certainly not multiple of them but still if you were eying for car or a top class weapon not too expensive though, half a million in GTA 5 money can cover it.

It will cost nearly 10 bucks in actual money, so you have to decide whether or not you are willing to spend those bucks on buying a Bull Shark Card.

Features of the Bull Shark Card

  • GTA amount it provides: $500,000 GTA Online Money
  • Price in different currencies: £6.19 / $9.99 / €7.49
  • What you save: £3.20 / $4.96 / €2.48


The Great White Shark Card

Great White Shark Card - GTA OnlineWith the great white shark card, you will get over a million dollar instantly in your character’s bank account.

A million dollar is quite a large sum even with GTA online standard. A lot of high-end supercars falls under the million dollar price bracket.

So if you want to add the car in your fleet money won’t be a problem anymore. But you have to shed over 15 bucks.

The shift in value is quite evident as you can see. You are getting more money than all the other three cheaper cards combine. So great white shark card provide a better bargain for your money.

Features of the Great White Shark Card

  • GTA amount it provides:  $1,250,000 GTA Online Money
  • Price in different currencies: £11.99 / $19.99 / €14.99
  • What you save: £11.39 / $17.39 / €3.73


The Whale Shark Card

Whale Shark Card - GTA OnlineA whopping three and a half millions GTA Online Money is what you will get if you buy a whale Shark Card. That’s a lot of money.

What more, you are even saving your actual dollar for buying the Whale Shark Card as it cost less than three Great white Shark Card combine.

The money you will be getting is huge no doubt, but you have to spend near about $50 in actual money to get it.

If you do decide to buy the Whale Shark Card, then with over 3 million dollars you will be able to buy a number of different supercars and even small properties.

Features of the Whale Shark Card

  • GTA amount it provides:  $3,500,000 GTA Online Money
  • Price in different currencies: £31.99 / $49.99 / €37.99
  • What you save: £29.66 /$54.66 / €3.98


The Megalodon Shark Card

Megalodon Shark Card - GTA OnlineAs the Rockstar official site states about the shark card,

“In the sea, there are big fish and there are little fish. The same is true on land. But which are you? Isn’t it the time to define yourself? At Shark, we have different Shark credit cards based on your level of insecurity. Let your credit card color define you”.

And if you have the Megalodon Shark Card then you have certainly chosen the beast. With eight million GTA Online Money that it provide in value, it certainly lives up to its name of gigantic prehistoric shark.

The supercars that are in the range of 4 million and up are now in your buying limit. But the Megalodon Shark Card does not come cheap and is going to cost you $100.  If you are willing to burn the cash then you will get a huge push on the money front in GTA online with this Shark Card.

Features of the Megalodon Shark Card

  • GTA amount it provides: $8,000,000 GTA Online Money
  • Price in different currencies: Cost: £64.99 / $99.99 / €74.49
  • What you save: £94.21 / $139.21 / €12.34


Should you buy a Shark Card or Not?

The great dilemma with the shark card is, should you buy them or not? To clear the doubts, the choice is totally yours.  It depends on what you value more time or money and your willingness to spend actual money.

Some like to play the game, grind through the missions, carefully plan the heist and then perfectly execute it to earn the GTA Online Money, some, on the other hand, don’t want to spend that much time repeating the same mission again and again and are willing to spend some actual dollars if they are getting any monetary push on the form of GTA 5 money.

You have to decide in which category you fall in. But remember that cards don’t give any extra advantage to the players who bought the cards, just value for money. The same amount of money is available to those also who are ready to give a little extra time.

Besides this, Rockstar has put the Shark Cards on sale more than once, but with an added twist too. Instead of lowering the price of the cards, for a limited time, players get the chance of getting more in-game GTA Online Money for the same amount of real dollars spent.



Shark cards are a great way to get some in-game GTA Online Money instantly but you have to burn some real cash to get them.

Also not all the cards are worth the money and you should go for the cards that are providing a million dollar in GTA 5 money. But then also it’s your personal choice, whether or not you should buy them.

That all folks enjoy gaming and keep visiting our websites for more game hacks and tricks.

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10 Advance Madden Mobile Hack – Tricks To Get You Free Coins

Madden Ultimate team is quite popular among the sports game lovers as well as the fan of American football. The realistic graphics and advanced gaming engine only add to its popularity.

Players are always in search of hacks and trick related to Madden Mobile to advance in the game or to win the matches quickly and defeat their rivals.

One of the most searched terms related to this is, how to earn Madden Mobile coins faster. That’s why we have put an entire article to share tips and trick to earn coins and cash faster in Madden Mobile.

Before we proceed we’d like to warn you against websites claiming to provide unlimited coins instantly. These Madden Mobile coins generator sites are totally fake and not worth the time.

These websites are only there to rob you of your personal information or to scam you into giving them money. So we strongly advise you to stay away from these websites.

Madden Mobile Coins Hack


Madden Mobile overview

If you are a fan of sports games then you have most certainly heard about the Madden NFL mobile. It’s the mobile version of Madden Ultimate Team.

The game is based on American national football league.

Madden Mobile features players and cards to buy. To get these you have to participate in different events that would earn you card packs and coins.

The gameplay includes different modes like seasons, live events, head to head, leagues, and sets. Different game modes have different rules to advance. The number of matches also differs.

The game also offers much in-game purchase and even has an auction house where you can buy and sell different players.


Why Coins are extremely important in Madden Mobile?

Well, if you want to advance in the game and win matches you need Madden Mobile Ultimate Team. You can only do so if you have good reputed players in your team.

While players are available for purchase if you don’t have the required in-game cash how can you purchase them?

Besides this madden coins also lets you buy select Ultimate team card which is very useful in the game.

So it all comes down to you having as much as Madden Mobile coins as you can.


How to earn free Madden Mobile coins faster

Our proven Madden Mobile hacks and tricks will surely let you earn coins faster. So without further ado let’s get you acquainted with all the points mentioned below:

Complete the tutorials and earn Madden Mobile coins

Completing tutorial can be boring, more so if you have stick to the NFL franchise from the beginning, but simply completing the tutorial earns you more than 3500 coins within minutes after starting the game.


  1. Complete tasks to earn Madden Mobile coins

You can earn a reward of 3000+ coins for completing a certain task from the objective screen within the ultimate team.

There are four objectives that are winning 2 games and complete the set within the item binder. If you can complete these tasks before 5 am EST each day you can claim your reward.


  1. Complete Longshot mode before you start the Ultimate Team

Depending upon your performance in Longshot mode, you will get a Longshot challenge in the Ultimate Team mode. In the solo challenges section of the Madden Mobile Ultimate Team you will get the Longshot challenge, and after completing them you will get rewarded with players as well as Madden Mobile coins.


  1. Play in live events to earn Madden Mobile coins

Live events present excellent opportunities to earn Madden coins and most probably the fastest way to do so.

These events are only available on certain days of the week but whenever you get the chance, grab it to earn some handsome reward in the form of coins.


  1. Buy low sell high to earn Madden Mobile coins

Keeps eyes on the players who have low market value but there stats and rarity suggest a higher value.

You should buy them immediately as these players can give you profit if you wait for the right time.

When you think that you will get the best price for these players auctioned them in the auction house. Raise the minimum and buy now prices slightly but not too much so that they are still affordable to other players.


  1. Hold the player you don’t use anymore till the right time

Just don’t dump your unwanted players right away. The can be of some value in terms of sets.

If a player with a certain set hold it till you have completed the set to get some good rewards. That is the best time that you should put in for the auction for sale.


  1. Watch videos to earn Madden Mobile coins

It’s one of the easiest methods through which you can earn a decent amount of free Madden Mobile coins. What you have to do is go to your messages where you will have messages saying watch videos to earn coins. You can just watch these short videos and will get coins. You can do this on daily basis. Pretty easy right!


  1. Participate in weekly tournaments to earn Madden Mobile coins

That’s another fun way of earning some pretty decent amount of Madden Mobile cash. Tournament rewards you a different amount of Madden coins each time. That could be anywhere from 150 to 1000 coins. So you can see weekly tournaments are definitely a great way to earn some free coins.


  1. Complete your daily goals to earn Madden Mobile coins

Daily goals are another very easy way to earn some Madden coins fast. All you have to do is complete all seven of your daily goals. It’s going to take very little time of yours and you will earn 30 coins and 2000 XP points. You can complete daily goals every day and it keeps on adding up and within a week you can earn 200 Madden Mobile coins. Combine it with daily video watching and you will be making over 500 coins weekly.


  1. Buying and selling bronze and silver player.

Go to the auction house and check out bronze players. Buy them which are available at a reasonable price. Now go to sets and tap the locker button. Scroll down and you will find the bronze player trade in option. Put the entire bronze player that you don’t use anymore in the sets and you will be rewarded two trophy packs. Repeat the process again and again and when you have sufficient trophy packs sell them to make Madden Mobile coins.

When you have enough coins you can go for the silver players. Players are sold out quickly so you have to refresh every 5 minutes to see the new sets of player available. Silver trophy pack will be going to make you around 1000 coins.


  1. Earn Madden Mobile coins through quick sales

This is a little risky method but can give you a huge profit. It requires some upfront investment.

What you have to do is that you go to the marketplace and buy two gold players. First, you put them in sets and then you are going to place them in quick sell. That’s it.

Most of the time you will get a big return of your investment and you will earn a lot of free Madden Mobile coins, but as said earlier there is a slight chance that you can lose money too.  Repeat this method as much time as you want and see your coins increasing.


Some Advance Madden Mobile Tricks 

  • Waiting till Thursday when the team of the week and 24-hour player go live is a better option if you are thinking to buy more packs.
  • Sets are very important and they are particularly useful as you can use them in combination with cards you no longer to get good players and a good number of coins.
  • Don’t spend your coins on packs, save them for the better player in the auction house.
  • You have a better chance of getting players cheaper than they normally are at around midnight as around this time player count drop drastically.
  • Complete Longshot, as it allows you to take Longshot solo challenges, completing them will earn you a good amount of coins and better players too.

Upgrades are also very important and you should know when to buy a player and when to sell. This will not only save you from spending coins unnecessarily but can also help you earn them.


What Are Player Rating & How To Deal With It

  • Less than 60: These are players that you should replace as soon as possible.
  •  61-65: One week is the best time up to which you should hold these players.
  • 66-70: Hold them for the time period of ten days and then auction them.
  • 71-75: Players with these rating are good.
  • 76-80: Start acquiring them and use them in combination with players in 70s rating to improve performance.
  • 81-85: Quality players.
  • 86-90: Real deal players.
  • 91-95: Top ranking players.
  • 96-100: If you can have them on your team you will be invincible.



So these are some genuine Madden Mobile hacks and tricks that can let you earn huge amount of Madden Mobile coins.

If you have some more tricks up your sleeves do share with us in the comment section. We love to hear from our readers.

And if we come across any more tricks or tips we will surely update at the earliest.

Till then that’s all from this guide. Keep visiting our website for more hacks tips and tricks related to gaming, gift cards and freebies.

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MSP Hack Starcoins, Diamonds & VIP – 100% Free No Human Verification

Here at JUSTEXPLOIT.COM we’re going to reveal several hacks and tricks for MSP without survey or without any kind MSP Hack Tool Online or Generator so that you can get your free MSP StarCoins, Diamonds and VIP without being scammed by any survey or fake site.

You must be looking for something that could generate Free MSP Diamonds, Fame or StarCoins that’s the reason you’re here. If so this don’t ever visit MSP Hack Tool Android & iOS site because generally they all are scam. The only best thing you can do is following some pro guides and MovieStarPlanet Hacks.

You may have seen so many sites, YT videos and several sites on jeuxvideo.com that all there generators and MSP HACK Tool somehow manage to hack into the moviestarplanet servers and now they can hack unlimited free StarCoins, Diamonds, VIP etc., but all are bullshit.



About The Game MovieStarPlanet

Children and are very kind and social and this kindness and sociality is a gift from god. They always like to play with their love ones and friends in order to stay in touch. This the what MovieStarPlanet is all about.

MovieStarPlanet comes in the gaming industry with all different and very creative mindset. In this game (which made for the children specially) every player is a big celebrity and a movie star MSP is a kind of social game developed for the kids, teen agers & tweens.

MovieStarPlanet mainly targeting the kids aged between 8 and 15 years respectively with the lot of entertainment being help with very secure and safe platform. MovieStarPlanet is totally free to download from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store also free to play, in spite of players have to pay some money in order to gain access to their extended characteristics and to rank up the level to fast track rise of fame.


MSP Hack & Generator Online Tool {TRUTH}

You must have seen hundreds of websites that claim to provide you unlimited Starcoins and diamonds in the MovieStarPlanet game for absolutely free. These sites call their tools MSP Hack or MSP Generator. Let me tell you if you are thinking of using these kinds of tools then BEWARE! These tools are nothing waste of time and sometimes even money. Let’s learn about these so-called “MSP Hack” or “MSP Generators” in detail.


★ What is MSP Hack Online?

A huge number of sites on the Internet claim to have developed a hack tool called MSP Hack with which they can generate unlimited diamonds and starcoins in the MSP account of the users of this hack tool. In order to use the MSP Hack you have to perform the following tasks: –

    • Enter your MSP username in the hack.
    • Select the platform on which you are playing this game.
    • Then enter the amount of StarCoins and Diamonds you want to have in the game.
    • Then in order to receive your StarCoins and Diamonds, you have to complete a survey or what they call as “human verification test”.

And as you have guessed till now, you don’t get anything after performing all these tasks although the owner of that website makes a good amount of money for the survey you completed.

And that’s how these site owners fool you and make money by using you for completing surveys and downloading apps.


★ What should you do? 

My first advice to you will be to stop using these MSP hack sites. They are nothing but a waste of time and money. The second thing that you can do is report these sites to Google. And that’s how you can save yourself from these kinds of websites.


9 Different Ways To Earn StarCoins {No Survey}

Since StarCoins is the primary currency of the game MovieStarPlanet. If you want the best clothings and assents you’ll need this a lot. You can also buy the new props and animation for your movies using the StarCoins, which gains your reputation so much which in return can let you earn more StarCoins than before. Now you don’t have to waste your money anymore on buying the starcoins with a VIP membership. Learn the best 9 different MSP Hacks & Tricks to earn free StarCoins.


 Method #1: Daily Rewards

The very first free starcoin you’ll get from MSP is from daily rewards.

  • Daily Login Reward:
  • Spin The Wheel:
  • Buy Additional Spin Using Diamond:


Method #2: Quest Completing



Method #3: Watch Movies & Earn Free MSP StarCoins




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These Amazing 5 Roblox Games That Give FREE ROBUX! Roblox Hack

Roblox Hack To Get Free Robux

Right in this article we’re going to reveal the most amazing Roblox Hack 2018. We’re damn excited to tell you that we’ve got the 5 amazing Roblox Games that gives Free Robux. Isn’t sounds cool? Assume you play the game and generate thousands of free robux?

Yes! you heard it right. The list of the games we’re going to share here is so amazing which will give you free robux without survey and without being scammed by the Roblox Hack Robux Generator. These games are 100% free to join. The more you play and active within the community, the more you’ll get the Free Robux.

But what you need to be careful is don’t ever fell in the trick of those “Free Robux Roblox Hack” OR “Free Robux Generator”, out there you can find thousands of websites over the Google Search Engine or YouTube videos, Reddit sites. But don’t ever use them. 100 out of 100 sites are scam and earn money from this.

They ask you to participate in the survey in order complete the Hacking process they’ve done and to verify yourself as human because somehow their servers detects non-human behaviour. Beware from them, however once you complete the survey or install any app or subscribe for any phone service, you’ll lose your money and you’ll get nothing.

While on other hand owner of such Free Robux Website making thousands of dollars per month by fooling you. They sell the information you submit to the data companies. Not just this, most probably your Roblox account may have got hacked because so many websites ask for your passwords too or you may get ban from the Roblox game.


Free Robux Games On Roblox


Think twice before accessing such websites. All we can do is to tell you about them but can’t force you to access those websites.

Now let’s begin the list .


5 Games That Gives Free Robux

Below you’ll get the list of those 5 games which actually claim to give free robux. Bookmark these games or note them out for generating thousands of Free Robux in 2018.


Donation Center (Donations)

Go to your search bar and type the “Donation Center” over it and you’ll find multiple games listed with these keywords because they’re giving away Free Robux who play their game.

Why are they giving free robux while Roblox is charging the money for it?

Well, there are plenty of rich or wealthy developers or kinds develop some games and they want the roblox user to play their game. So they giving away Free Robux through their game where you don’t have to pay anything.

Roblox Donation Center
Roblox Donation Center

“Donation Center or Donations” is just keyword to find such games. Before you start any game over, do check the amount of positive and negative like the game have got.

By this way you’ll get 100’s of games and most probably each game give you away 25 Free Robux to 500 Free Robux. Now assume you’ve bookmarked 100’s of such sites and each game gives 250 Free Robux average. Now 250 x 100 = 2500.

Wroom, now you can see how easy it is.


OBBY For Robux & Prizes

This is another but very cool method to get Free Robux. Go to your roblox account and type “Obby For Robux” over the search bar. You’ll get the list of hundreds of roblox games.

There is some peoples that make games, where you complete an Obby they’ll give you robux for free. Now be smart while selecting up the right game where you can get the best value of your time. Some obby take quite lot of time to complete and give less amount of robux while on other hands there are plenty of obby, where you spend some little time while completing it and you’ll get good amount of robux like 30, 75 and 300 free robux respectively.

Free Robux OBBY
Free Robux OBBY

Search for it and open the game description page. There, go to the description section and read how much Robux they’re giving per completion of OBBY.

There is hundreds of such OBBY For Prizes and Robux games are there. Open and play them one by one and generate thousands of Free Robux.

Some games that I use to play to collect robux are:

  1. [Giveaways] OBBY For Prizes [BC ONLY]
  2. Mega Fun OBBY
  3. Escape School OBBY
  4. Escape Roblox Waterpark OBBY
  5. Fun Easy OBBY

How this works: Well it’s quite simple. Complete an obby and once you did it, take the screenshot of that completion. Send this screenshot to the Game Owner/Developer and they’ll give you free robux.


Am I kidding? no! you read it right. But whatever you read is not exist in roblox. If you ever search for the “free robux” over there. You’ll see plenty of games listed out there without thousands of hashtags on it of the top roblox players or games so that they could be found easily.

These games aren’t going to give you a single robux but will definitely waste you time. Some kids develop their Game and they don’t know how to make it popular and how to engage peoples with their game. So they use such creepy tricks. So many of them watermarked the entire game and ask you to stay on the game for oven an hour to get the free robux. But dude there is nothing they can give.

Check their positive and negative likes. But many such games manage to get thousands of like somehow along with negative. These positive likes are generated through the dummy roblox account so basically they’re fake and those dislikes are real 😀

So, we suggest you to don’t ever stuck with those time wasting game.


Points To Robux

This is another tricky things hackers these days are developing over the Roblox Platform. Don’t ever search for the “Points to Robux” in the Roblox platform. These games are purely scam.

If you ever experienced or not, let me tell you what and why they’re doing. Points to Robux are such games where the game/developer ask you to collect 500 points to redeem and convert these points the robux. Then you start clicking on the button till it didn’t generate the 500 points (there is just a simple button where you need to click on it in order to click 10 points each time after you click).

Once you generated the 500 points and clicked on the Redeem button. The game will redirect you to the login page, where they’ll ask you to enter the your Roblox Username and Password. And if you fell into their trick, you’ll lose your account for sure. They’ll steal all your robux and freeze your Roblox account.

Think, you were looking for the Free Robux but lost own robux, lol.

By the way, Roblox has taken action against such points game but still somehow they’re around. So don’t ever visit those games.

Coming Soon



That’s all we’ve got at the moment fellas. We’ve told you 5 different roblox game that can give free robux (yes just 2 can give actually lol) which could generate thousands of free robux online legally without being scammed by the Roblox Hack Online or Roblox Robux Generator.

Don’t ever hesitate to comment below if you got any question in your mind. We always try to provide you the best information and to make yourself safe from all those scams. We really appreciate if you share your experience give us feedback on this our long work.

Hope you enjoyed the information we provided.

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GTA 5 Redux | Everything You Need To Know About This Incredible MOD

GTA 5 Redux is the hottest in the list of mods available for the incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto V game.

So in this article, we tell you everything you need to about this most sought after GTA 5 Redux mod.

GTA 5 Redux takes the already brilliant graphics of Grand Theft Auto V to a new level of graphical marvel. It completely changes the look of the game and adds to it jaw-dropping and gorgeous effects.

The enhanced texture, changed and expanded weather system, sunsets and increased level of police alertness looks so realistic that it totally overhauls the single player gaming experience and introduce us to a new height of virtual reality.

GTA 5 Redux


Understanding the GTA 5 Mods

GTA 5 Mods as the name suggests are the modifications that are introduced or installed to affect the in-game features and gameplay. These modifications are done by altering in-game logic and can drastically change the look of the game and enhance the gameplay features. One example could be replacing the player’s character model to any animal, or to fill the game with roaming bloodthirsty zombies.

Players across the globe love these mods, that’s why they are available in plenty and new releases on a regular interval

One such mod is the GTA 5 Redux which is the main focus of this article and which has taken the Grand Theft Auto V on the ride.


GTA 5 Redux features

This is just a brief rundown of the features, the GTA 5 Redux add to the Grand Theft Auto V world and totally revamp the look of Los Santos.


A totally changed weather system

Creator of this incredible GTA 5 Redux mod has re-written the weather system from the scratch so that the weather system is completely changed.

In the words of the creators, “all weathers have been carefully crafted to provide stunning sunrise and sunsets as well as midday and night time. All the weathers are made to blend naturally and create an image that will leave you breathless” and every word of them seems to reflect in their work.

Even the minute details have not been missed or overlooked. Some of the changes applied to the weather system are listed below:

  • Simulated global illumination with extended distance and intensity, as well as perfect shadow cascades.
  • Natural and revealing landscapes with perfect atmospheric touch with reconfigured and lowered fog, also the lowered lens effect and removed chromatic aberration has totally canceled the environmental blur and present a clear view.
  • Natural looking mist and fog with newly added volumetric lighting and weather particle effects. Also, the direct lighting effect for every single water bodies is also added that produce a stunning view of the water.
  • For perfect balance, additional color correction and postfix has been applied to each weather separately.
  • Bugs and odd light bubbles that blur the view have been removed. New and corrected texture to the coronas with increased and fine-tuned global reflection has also been added.


Effective use of ReShade & ENB

The Reshade and ENB post-processing tool are used very effectively to give new graphical effects.

The ReShade and ENB are applied for color correction, bloom, and tone mapping as well as much more graphical tweaks.

The user also has the option of further changing the look of the game with more than 15 other ReShade options that the GTA 5 Redux provides.

Some of the newly added and corrected effects are given below:

  • Reflections of glasses, wheels, and rims as well as the color and intensity of the sky, the sun, visibility of stars is corrected.
  • ENB external shader is used to modify the intensity, the reflection of water and light sprites.
  • Further options are also provided to modify all these aspects even more if the user wants to, is also provided through the ReShade and ENB.


Enhanced Texture

The GTA 5 Redux also introduces new and improved texture. A whole series of graphical tweaks had been done to achieve this, as they drastically change the look of GTA 5.

Some of the tweaks include:

  • Company texture for billboards, commercial vehicles, trailers and bus stop looks realistic.
  • Damage overlay texture is totally new, even the ground debris is not overlooked and got the new texture.
  • New vehicle dirt texture with corrected headlight texture, replacing the old yellow lights with more natural looking colors.
  • The ground, the countryside, plants, trees, grass, fire, particle effects, water all got the 4k texture.


Game enhancement and upgraded police system

The major overhaul that the GTA 5 Redux brings is perhaps in enhancing the gameplay. Police system is completely re-configured with the new wanted system.

The chase has also become harder for you as multiple helicopters, military vehicles are added.


Let’s look at some of the game enhancement tweaks that the GTA 5 Redux introduces:

  • New handling and controls for every vehicle. Weight and suspension of the vehicles are also corrected.
  • New and improved drift capabilities with modified and upgraded damage and deformation limits.
  • New and totally reconfigured wanted system with a 5-star military, 4 star FBI, 3 stars SWAT.
  • Improved and advanced AI for officers and military, so that they can employ new tactics.
  • New characters models. Female police as well as previously not used character models are also added to force.
  • New and realistic weapon recoil, with realistic bullet speeds and drop distance.
  • Realistic bullet projectile, not a direct hit, so target hitting requires more skills.
  • New and realistic weapon smoke, muzzle flash and barrel trail effects.

We have presented all major tweaks and upgrades that the GTA 5  Redux applies to GTA 5  game, just to give you the idea about the enormity and scale at which this GTA 5  mod change and upgrade the in-game graphics. There are much more effects and tweaks that cannot be listed here and we personally believe that you should experience them yourself by installing the GTA 5 Redux mod.


How to download and install the GTA 5 Redux?

Unfortunately, the original site of the GTA 5 Redux is not online anymore but the good news is there are many good and trusted sites from where you can download the GTA 5 mods.

You just have to make sure that these sites are really trustful. If any websites ask for your personal information for the download, leave the site immediately. Never give your personal information or your bank or credit card details to anyone. Trusted and genuine websites never ask for any personal information.

So before we proceed further you should check your system meets the requirement to install and run the GTA 5 Redux mod.


System requirement for the GTA 5  Redux

  • Original copy of the Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • Minimum 70 GB of disk space should be required for the installation. GTA 5 mods are kept in a separate mod folder.
  • A system that smoothly runs the vanilla version of GTA 5 even on the high settings. As the GTA 5 Redux heavily improves the graphics so a frame drop of 5 to 10 FPS is expected.


How to install the GTA 5 Redux

Installing the GTA 5 Redux is easy and we have provided the complete step by step guide. Make sure that you follow all the steps in correct order so as to avoid any issue or error:


OpenIV Installation

  • First of all, install OpenIV. It’s a tool that is required for the installation of the GTA 5
  • Once the installation is done open the OpenIV and select the Grand Theft Auto V window. After this select the GTA 5 The path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V.
  • From the tool, menu selects the ASI manager. Install the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI. This is important as the game will not load modified RPF archive without the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI plugins.


Script Hook V Installation

  • Now you have to install the Script Hook V. Script Hook V library allow us to use the GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins and is also necessary to run the GTA 5 Redux.
  • Download the latest version from the link dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv. Once downloaded, open the zip file and copy the ScriptHookV.dll, and dinput8.dll from the bin folder to the GTA 5 main folder.


Now install the GTA 5  Redux

You should make sure that you have a clean GTA 5 installation with no other mods installed to proceed further.

  • Download and extract the files from the GTA 5 Redux zip archive.
  • Run OpenIV, from the tools menu select package installer and find the GTA_5_REDUX_V1.X.oiv file from the extracted files folder of the GTA 5 Redux.
  • Just open the .oiv file to start the installation. From the package installer window click on install and chose the path for the created mod folder.
  • Wait for a while as the installer copy all the files required to run the mod from the GTA 5 main folder. That’s it!

You can further install ReShade. It gives you more options to change the look of GTA 5 Redux. You have to just download ReShade from its official website and install it.


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GTA 5 Redux FAQs

  • Will it run on the cracked or pirated copy of GTA 5?

We do not support piracy nor do we recommend it. As for the running of the mod, it is possible but we strongly recommend that you should not.

  • Is it possible to install other GTA 5 mods alongside the GTA 5 Redux?

The GTA 5 Redux mod in itself is a very heavy mod and provides more effects and functionality than any other GTA 5 mod. So we recommend that you do not install any other mod alongside it.

  • Will this mod be installed on console?

The answer is NO. You cannot install it on PlayStation or XBOX.

  • Is the mod available online to play?

No. The GTA 5 Redux mod only affects the single-player gameplay. The ScriptHookV, an essential program to run the mod will not let you play it online.

  • Is it safe to download and install GTA 5 Redux mod on our systems?

While it’s perfectly safe if you downloaded it from a trusted website, but even then you should exercise some caution. Never provide any personal information if asked for and never trust websites which ask for such information.



That’s all that you need to know about the GTA 5 Redux. We have made sure to give you detail information regarding the GTA 5 mod. But in case of anything left or not covered please mention it in the comment section and we will definitely cover it.

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GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats – From Location to Spawn! We’re Here

GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats

Spawn a helicopter anywhere in the game!

Hello dear gamers! I hope you are enjoying your favorite GTA 5 game. Today I have some tips, tricks and cheats for you that you can use to enjoy this amazing game! Cheats are inevitable part of GTA games.

From LEAVEMEALONE to PAINKILLER all the cheats are very popular among the gamers of GTA games.

Today we are going to talk about GTA 5 helicopter cheats. We will tell you how you can spawn a helicopter in a middle of a road, on the top of your house or anywhere you want with few key combinations.

GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats


What are cheat codes?

The definition of cheat codes on Wikipedia is: – “Cheating in video games involves a video game player using non-standard methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder.”

By this definition we can understand that cheat codes are used by video game players to alter how the game behaves in order to make the game even more fun for them.

Actually, the cheat codes are intentionally developed by game developers to test the game in different situations. Cheat codes helps gamers look for the software bugs and glitches in the game and fix it.

So, suppose the play tester wants to check whether a helicopter in GTA 5 is doing its function well or not. He can simply enter the cheat code for spawning a helicopter in the terminal and can check its functionality easily. Otherwise he may have to travel all around the map to get to a helicopter which will be really inconvenient for the play tester.

One of the earliest cheat codes can be found in the game Manic Miner in which typing 6031769 enables the cheat mode.

GTA and Cheat Codes – History

In early days, gamers used to keep a list of cheat codes with them to help them remember these codes. Now as the GTA game has moved towards online mode the craze of these cheat codes is decreasing. But still in mission mode you can use these cheats to spice up your game a little. So, now let’s have a look at GTA 5 Helicopter cheats for your PC, Xbox and PlayStation devices.

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GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats PC

In order to spawn a helicopter in GTA 5 game on PC the cheat that you need to enter is BUZZOFF. This will spawn a Buzzard Helicopter near your position.

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GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats PlayStation

It’s a little complicated to enable the helicopter cheat in PlayStation (PS4/PS3) but here it is if you want to get a Buzzard Helicopter in your game, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, L2, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE

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GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats Xbox

If you want to spawn a Buzzard helicopter in GTA 5 in your Xbox console then simply enter this cheat sequence B – B – LB – B – B – B – LB – LT – RB – Y – B – Y.

So, now you know how you can fly away from a whole policy army in a blink of an eye, how you can enjoy the aerial view of the beautiful San Andreas City. So, what are you waiting for? Go and give these cheats a try right now!!

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GTA 5 Cheats and Tricks – Secret Sauce

Well only spawning a helicopter is not going to make the game fun for you we have sum more cheat codes for you that are going to help you in the game. Let’s have a look at them.

Cheat PC Xbox PS4
Fast Run CATCHME Y – Left – Right – Right – LT – LB – A ∆ – Left – Right – Right – L2 – L1 – []
Invincibility PAINKILLER Right – A – Right – Left – Right – RB – Right – Left – A – Y Right – X – Right – Left – Right – R1 – Right – Left, X – ∆
Lower Wanted Level LAWYERUP RB – RB – B – RT – Right – Left – Right – Left – Right – Left R1 – R1 – O – R2 – Right – Left – Right – Left – Right – Left
Change Weather MAKEITRAIN RT – X – LB – LB – LT – LT – LT – A R2 – X – L1 – L1 – L2 – L2 – L2 – []
Spawn PCJ-600 ROCKET RB – Right – Left – Right – RT – Left – Right – A – Right – LT – LB – LB R1 – Right – Left – Right – R2 – Left – Right – [] – Right – L2 – L1 – L1


Final Worlds!

So, now we have told you everything that you need to know about the GTA 5 Helicopter Cheats so, what are you waiting for? Give these cheats a try and enjoy your game like never before!

Cheat codes are only half the fun in GTA 5. Learn the art of making GTA 5 money from our GTA 5 Hack Money and Guide. So that you could get your favourite character, weapon, vehicle and much more within the game.

Get it here: https://justexploit.com/gta-5-hack-money/


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GTA 5 Cheats PC & GTA 5 Glitches For PC

GTA 5 Cheats PC Along With Guide

Hello gamers! Today we are bringing you some extremely cool but working GTA 5 Cheats PC, Which gonna make your gaming experience to the next level. These hacks for the GTA 5 are just for the PC so do not try them over other consoles.

We all are familiar with the GTA 5 online mode. It’s such an amazing experience to complete missions with your teammates and other players online. You get to earn Money and RP by completing these missions together. But it’s really tough task to gain a decent amount of money and RP. It’s not at all easy, that’s why we have developed this GTA 5 Cheats PC to make it really easy for you to get your money and RP. Let’s have a look at how you can implement these given GTA 5 PC Cheats!

Implementing and activating the GTA 5 Cheats PC is different than the other gaming console such like XBOX 360-One & PS3-4. Instead of applying the cheat patterns through the gamepad button combinations with a controller, you’d need to follow these 2 given steps below:

(1) Bringing them up in-game console with the TILDE (~) button through your PC keyboard and enter the cheat patterns/code you want to use; OR

(2) Dial specific numbers on your in-game cell phone those are called cell phone cheats, Click Here to get them.

Below you’ll find the full list of  cheats of GTA 5 for the PC, including the invincibility cheat, weapons cheat, fast run cheat and explosive & ammo, as well as some guides and videos tutorials in order to help you when you applying these cheats.

All Cheats Of GTA 5 For PC

Cheat codes are only half the fun in GTA 5. Learn the art of making GTA 5 money from our GTA 5 Money Hack and Guide. So that you could get your favourite character, weapon, vehicle and much more within the game.

Player Effects Cheats

Cheats Key Command
Drunk Mode
Warning: don’t try to operate heavy machinery!
Fast Run
Increase your maximum sprint
Fast Swim
Can increase your maximum swimming speed
Recharge Ability
Recharges the special ability of your character
Spawns you mid-air for a skydiving free fall and no way to use a parachute! The only way to possibly survive is to press forward on your keyboard and hit a wall or the ground head on
Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Mode
Yes, you can transform into Bigfoot!
Not available at the moment
Super Jump
Leap tall buildings in a single bound. Hold spacebar (jump) for higher jumps


Combat Effects Cheats

Cheats Key Command
Explosive Ammo Rounds
Also known as “Bang Bang”
Explosive Melee Attacks
Your punches and kicks will become explosively heavy!
Flaming Bullets
Your bullets will set on fire upon impact
Lower Wanted Level
Takes one star off of your wanted level
Raise Wanted Level
Add one star to your wanted level
Works for 5 minutes before you need to re-enter the code
Max Health & Armor
Increases your health and armor back to full
Slow Motion Aim
Gives you a lot more time to aim. Enter 4x for increased effect, fifth time disables cheat


Items Cheats

Cheats Key Command
Gives you a parachute. Equip and press left mouse to use
Unlock all weapons along with fully loaded ammo!


World Effects Cheats

Cheats Key Command
Change Weather
Revolve through sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing and snowing
Director Mode
Enables you to select and play the game as any character or NPC
Moon Gravity
Enter a vehicle after activating this cheat to experience less gravity
Slippery Cars
Also known as drifting and/or slidey cars
Slow Motion
Enables you to slow down gameplay. Enter 3x for increased effect, fourth time disables cheat


Cars & Motorcycles Cheats

Cheats Key Command
Spawn BMX
Spawns you a good old BMX bicycle
Spawn Buzzard
Spawns the Buzzard small attack helicopter (with weapons)
Spawn Caddy
Spawns you the “Caddy” golf cart
Spawn Comet
Spawns the Comet, a two door sports car
Spawn Duster
Spawns the crop duster plane
Spawn Limo
Spawns your very own stretch limousine
Spawn PCJ-600
Spawns the PCJ-600 sports motorbike
Spawn Rapid GT
Spawns you the Rapid GT, another two door sports car
Spawn Sanchez
Spawns the Sanchez, which is a dual-sport (dirt) bike
Spawn Stunt Plane
Spawns a fixed-wing stunt plane
Spawn Trashmaster
Spawns the Trashmaster garbage truck


Special Vehicles Cheats

Cheats Key Command
Spawn Duke O’Death
Unlock by completing the “Duel” random event
Spawn Kraken Sub
Unlock by completing the “Wildlife Photography Challenge” (snap pictures of all 20 animals in the game)
Spawn Dodo Airplane
Unlock by completing the “Sea Plane” random event


GTA 5 Cheats PC


In this long article we’ve provided you the vast list of the Cheat Codes for GTA 5. These GTA 5 cheat codes are only for the PC since the article subject itself is GTA 5 Cheats PC. If you’re looking for the GTA 5 Cheats Xbox One & 360 or GTA 5 Cheats PS4 & PS3 , please click on these given subjects and it’ll land you on your interested criteria.

By any chance if we missed anything, please let us know. The comment section is always open for the public discussion and also if you’re looking for any kind of help, comment box is the best way to connect with us


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